Pink Previews Video For Never Gonna Not Dance Again

Pink Tells Pro Lifers, Racists And Homophobes To Stop Listening To Her

The video for Pink’s “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” drops on Friday (November 4th).

The singer posted previews on Instagram Wednesday (November 2nd). One shows her singing while roller skating through a grocery store while the other has Pink giving out free samples that are “spicy AF.”

The post instructs fans to call 1-888-262-PINK for a “chance to win a free sample.” When you call the toll-free line you hear the “Rasie Your Glass” artist say, “Hi, you’re reached P!nk, the creator of Vicious B—-es Chips’es,” after which she offers three options.

Press one to hear a sneak preview of the single, press two for a text with a link with more updates on the track and option three offers Pink’s tip of the day.

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