Post Malone Takes Bad Fall On Stage, Has To Cancel Show

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Post Malone stepped into a large hole on the stage during his concert on Saturday night (September 17) and had to cancel the rest of the show.

More than mid-way through his performance in St. Louis, he accidentally fell into an open trap door. At the time, it was being used to lower his guitar.

After crashing hard on the stage floor, he clutched his ribcage. He was taken in the back for quick medical attention and about 15 minutes later, clearly in pain, he canceled the rest of the show.

He was taken to the hospital and later posted an apology and thanked his fans for their understanding. He said he was on painkillers and was winded, but would be able to continue with his tour.

Although Malone played 17 of his 22 songs scheduled, he promised St Louis that he would make it up to them with a two hour show the next time he’s in town.


  • Post Malone stepped into an open trap door in the stage and had to cancel the concert.
  • At the time, it had been used to lower his guitar.
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