Quick Takes: Liam Gallagher & Dave Grohl, Metallica, Van Halen

  • Former-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has teamed up with Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters producer Greg Kurstin for Gallagher’s new single, “Everything’s Electric.” The track, which was co-written by Grohl and Gallagher, will appear on Gallagher’s upcoming solo album, titled, C’mon You Know, which drops on May 27th.
    • According to the press release, the pair was attempting to capture the “thunderous dynamics of Beastie Boys‘ ‘Sabotage’ with the spiraling tension and danger of the Rolling Stones‘ ‘Gimme Shelter.'” (Billboard)
  • Metallica is once again calling on the masses to help them with their upcoming archival sets. The band, who is currently in pre-production for the box sets covering 1996’s Load and the following year’s ReLoad, emailed their legion of fans writing, in part: “We’re working our way through the catalog to bring you the comprehensive Deluxe Box Sets we’ve come to love. And now it’s time to get started on Load and ReLoad! As you may remember, we asked you for help in putting together the first five box sets and, to make sure there’s a fan footprint on all of these releases, we’ll be doing that again!”
  • The band went on to post: “We’re looking for anything and everything you might have from August 1995 through September 1998: live photos (taken by you!) or snaps from a meet & greet, flyers, ticket stubs, backstage passes, and whatever other mementos you may have from that time. Make your mark on these albums by emailing us at submissions@metclub.com to share your story and receive more info about submitting these little pieces of history. Nothing is too small or trivial; share your archives with your fellow fans and have some fun walking down memory lane with us!” (Blabbermouth)
  • Former child-actor Yano Anaya recalled the mayhem on the set of Van Halen‘s legendary 1984 video for “Hot For Teacher.” Anaya, who played the child-version of bassist Michael Anthony, was just 13-years-old at the time, and already Van Halen die-hard. He was asked by Classic Rock if the band was on their best behavior with minors all around the set. Anaya recalled, “Well, their best behavior for Van Halen. ‘Cause there was no filter. Alex (Van Halen) was like: ‘Hey, man, why don’t you go to the back and grab us a couple of beers?’ So I walked back there, and Dave Lee Roth was there. He looked at me and went: ‘Who the f*** are you? Why is there a kid in our trailer?’ And Alex was like: ‘Don’t worry about it, man, he’s part of the cast, he’s hanging out with us.'”
  • Anya went on to remember, “They had an ice chest in the back with nothing but Coke and Schlitz Malt Liquor beer. So I grabbed two of them and went up the front, and Alex challenged me to a shotgun. I’m like: ‘I’m 13-years-old, it’s 10:20 in the morning, and I’m a drinking a Schlitz beer with Alex Van Halen.’ I drank that one beer, and I was so drunk.”
    • He spoke about hanging out with Eddie Van Halen: “I grew the balls to ask him to play the intro to ‘Running With The Devil,’ which was my favorite song. He took me to the back of the trailer, pulled out a tiny little amp, pulled out his guitar, and literally played the whole thing for me, in person, by myself, just for me. That experience was epic.” (Loundersound)
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