Quickies: Kesha + Drew Taggart!

Kesha To Host Supernatural Show On Discovery+

KESHA STILL DEVASTATED BY SEINFELD SNUB: Kesha is still devastated by a 2017 incident where Jerry Seinfeld refused to hug her in public. The TikTok singer is a huge fan of the comedian and explained to Tom Scharpling on The Best Of Us podcast that she used to watch Seinfeld on long flights to help calm herself down. She recalled seeing him at a David Lynch Foundation event and said, “I got really excited because he brings me peace and love and all things good in the universe. And then he didn’t hug me in front of cameras. And it was the most depressing, and hilarious, but also so sad, it was like the saddest moment of my life.”

DREW TAGGART OPENS UP ABOUT ALCOHOLISM: Drew Taggart opened up about his struggle with alcoholism in an Instagram post about his band’s latest single, “Self Destruction Mode.” The Chainsmokers singer wrote, “i’ve struggled with drinking throughout my career as it’s an addiction that’s woven into the environment we exist in.” He continued, “this guilt of not being good enough or not being better ironically sends me into a spiral that restarts my bad habit cycle.”

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