Quickies: Miley Cyrus + Dua Lipa!

Cody Simpson Opens Up About Miley Cyrus Breakup

BRANDI CYRUS CALLS MILEY ‘GENIUS’: Brandi Cyrus thinks her little sister’s new single, “Flowers” is “genius.” Brandi told Wells Adams on Your Favorite Thing Podcast, “Miley’s new song, al the tea . . . and the narratives that fans are making on TikTok. It’s so good.” She added that all the fan theories are making “Miley seem like an absolute genius. And it’s just so good.”

DUA LIPA OPENS UP ABOUT NEXT ALBUM: Dua Lipa recently opened up about her new album #DL3 at ESNS23. According to Pop Crave, the recipient of the European Music Conference’s Excellence Award winner said, “It has a lyrical theme, more so than sonic. It’s still pop so I’m not getting away from that. I still want to dance and have fun, and do another crazy tour. It’s like a bit more mature in some ways.”

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