Quickies: Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake + Britney Spears!

TAYLOR SWIFT REPORTEDLY ENGAGED: Taylor Swift is reportedly engaged to Joe Alwyn. The Sun reported last week (June 30th) that the couple has no plans to formally announce their impending nuptials but have told their inner circle. In other Swift news, the singer’s alleged stalker was arrested Friday (July 1st) following several run-ins with Swift and her security personnel. According to TMZ, the NYPD arrested Joshua Christian after he threatened to do harm to the singer.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SUED BY DOCUMENTARY DIRECTOR: Justin Timberlake is being sued in federal court by director John Urbano over a film about the singer’s blockbuster The 20/20 Experience album that has never been released. According to a filing obtained by Deadline, the director is suing for $2.5 million, the amont that he would have been paid if the film was a straightforward for hire deal. Instead, the two entered a profit-sharing plan that didn’t pay out when the film was shelved.

JAMIE SPEARS DENIES BUGGING BRITNEY’S ROOM: Jamie Spears denies that he bugged his daughter’s room during her 13-year-conservatorship. In court documents filed on June 29th and obtained by E! News on July 1s,t attorneys for the elder spears called those allegations “salacious and fake.” The filing read, “In fact, there are no documents regarding the alleged bugging or surveillance of Britney’s bedroom, and this is because it never happened.”

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