Red Hot Chili Peppers News Roundup

On Thursday (March 31st), Red Hot Chili Peppers were awarded the 2,717th star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame — the day before they released their new album, Unlimited Love. The band’s star sits in the second row at 6212 Hollywood Boulevard, adjacent to the Amoeba Records location on the south side of the street. reported bassist Flea said at the star’s unveiling, “I know this street inside out, and this street knows me. And whenever we’ve traveled around the world, this street has always been a part of me. I’m really grateful that now we can be a part of it.”

Frontman Anthony Kiedis licked the star and saluted his bandmates: “To me, this is not a story of individuals. I love Chad (Smith), I love Flea, I love John (Frusciante), greatly. They are amazingly talented. Something happens when we come together which is much greater than the individual parts. The sum total of our parts is that we were able to find something that we love doing and communicate with the entire world.”

Drummer Chad Smith made a point of thanking all the previous members of the Chili Peppers who contributed to the band’s journey and offered a loving shout-out to late Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

Joining the band and saluting them during the honors were one-time producer and friend George Clinton, actor Woody Harellson, and musician Bob Forrest. That night, Clinton appeared with the band at their album release party at L.A.’s Fonda Theater and took the stage with them during “Give It Away.” Chad Smith’s drumhead featured the outline of a bird with the word “Taylor” printed within its body saluting Taylor Hawkins.

On Friday night (April 1st) as part of the clever late night wars’ “April Fool’s” joke — rival hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon switched shows — and networks — with both presenting performances from the Chili Peppers. The band played “These Are The Ways” on ABC’s Live With Jimmy Kimmel and “Black Summer” on NBC’s The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Both programs featured drumheads saluting Taylor Hawkins with the Fallon show spotlighting the Chili Peppers’ logo with the word “Taylor” printed inside.

Flea told us that playing in the band and being creative are two things he can’t live without: “Playing in the Red Hot Chili Peppers and playing bass is a very animal, comfortable, instinctual, intense thing for me and a huge part of who I am. Every time I am involved in any creative process, it always deepens me as a person, just widens my palette of colors to paint with, y’know, and I’m always loving doing it. I like being creative, it’s when I’m happy.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers kick off their 2022 tour dates on June 4th Seville, Spain at Estadio La Cartuja De Sevilla.

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