Regina Hall Shares How She’s Preparing For The Oscars

This year’s hosts for the Oscars are getting the creative juices flowing. On Good Morning America Tuesday (March 8th), Girls Trip actress Regina Hall talked about how she’s gearing up for the big night with Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer.

“It’s a lot of writing, talking, brainstorming, getting to know each other, feeling each other’s comedic vibes,” she said. “Drinking, we’ve been drunk a lot,” she added, laughing.

Hall said we can expect the three hosts to work together in combination throughout the night, and that they won’t be doing individual, hour-long segments for the three-hour event.

When asked what former hosts she’d call up for advice, Hall brought up Whoopi Goldberg. “It was so fabulous when she hosted … Ellen DeGeneres was great too, but I was so excited when Whoopi hosted,” she said, as Good Morning America played footage of Goldberg descending into the audience in a gold sequin and feather-filled outfit.

Hall said she was also looking forward to meeting Andrew Garfield and Denzel Washington.

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