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David Crosby: ‘i’m Going To Run Out Of Money In A Couple Of Years’
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The tributes pour in for the late-David Crosby, who died on January 19th of undisclosed causes at the age of 81. His son, James Raymond, who had been given up for adoption in the early-1960’s and finally connected with “Croz” in 1994, posted a loving tribute. Soon after meeting, the pair became frequent collaborators, with Raymond both writing with his father and touring with him extensively over the decades.

Raymond posted: “I am deeply saddened at the passing of my birth father David Crosby. He was a monumental talent and a force of nature. The musical gifts he gave us all will be cherished for generations. I feel very fortunate that we found each other and that he so graciously invited me to experience that rarified air of creativity that surrounded him. I’ll miss him immensely.”

Not too long ago, David Crosby told us that at that late in the game he didn’t enter into any aspect of his life — personally or professionally — without a great deal of soul searching: “I look at myself a lot, I made an awful amount of mistakes in my life, and I’ve done harm. And I’ve had to look at myself. I had a year in a prison cell to look at myself. A lot of time to think. So, I do think about what I do and why and what it means and if it’s significant, or not.”


Roger McGuinn: “Rest in peace old friend. We sure made some beautiful music together! Our prayers are with your family.”

Chris Hillman: “I lost my friend, David, today. Whose beautiful voice softened life’s blows, and brought so much joy to us all. He was my mentor, my big brother, my friend. The many miles we traveled together will always hold a special place in my heart. Singing with David was a blessing beyond words. I pray God grants him peace, and peace to his wife Jan, and his son Django.”

Ringo Starr: “God bless David Crosby and peace and love to all his family peace and love Ringo”

David Gilmour: “We sang together, we played together and had great times together. I’ll miss The Croz more than words can say. Sail on.”

Joe Walsh:

“David was my friend
He was larger than life
He is a national treasure
He had a commanding presence
He had the best smile of anyone I’ve ever known
He taught me how to sail. He taught me things about life.
He is the voice you don’t really hear in CSN
His voice weaved it all together to make it CSN
Stills introduced me to David in 1972
My band Barnstorm opened for CSN&Y numerous times during the summer of 1974
And that time together ignited a friendship that lasted a lifetime.
Croz was unique
He was a ‘one of a kind’ and I loved him. Always will.
See you down the road my friend. This is not goodbye.”

Melissa Etheridge:I am grieving the loss of my friend and Bailey’s biological father, David. He gave me the gift of family. I will forever be grateful to him, Django, and Jan. His music and legacy will inspire many generations to come. A true treasure.”

Al Jardine: “This one is really tough, since David and I really got to know each other after I invited him to sing on A Postcard from California, which he so graciously did. I’ve always been a fan of his beautiful voice and he leaves behind a legacy of work going back to The Byrds that I’ve always admired. Of course his harmonies with Graham Nash, Stephen Stills and Neil Young are in a league of their own and the music he created even as recently as last year will be remembered for many years to come. Sending my condolences to David’s wife Jan, his family and all of his fans who will enjoy his evocative music forever.”

Santana’s Michael Shrieve: “One day I was in Wally Heider Studios in SF, recording Abraxas with Santana. Creedence Clearwater was recording there as well. David had booked the big room downstairs, and word was going around how these sessions were becoming rather epic. Neil Young, Jack Casady, Jorma, Grace Slick, Jerry Garcia and other members of the Dead, and oh, Joni Mitchell. At some point Croz learned we were recording upstairs and came upstairs and asked myself and Gregg Rolie to come downstairs and play. We went down and entered the room, and the strong and pungent smell of really good pot, and incense, combined with the red, dimmed lighting, and Indian fabrics, letting you know that you were in a high class hippy vibe recording room. We played and it was such a different vibe than Santana, of course. It really felt like hippy music to me. It was so open, and cozy, so floaty! It felt strange, to be honest. It was an honor to be playing with these folks, of course. Garcia was always a welcome, uplifting presence.”

Micky Dolenz: “Those were the days, my friend. Rest in peace, David.”

Dave Davies: “Rest in peace David Crosby a very sad day wow. I loved his work. He had a great voice.”

Randy Bachman: “RIP David Crosby. I sang so many of his songs when BTO was a bar band. I thought he was a great songwriter and was amazed at how he survived his turbulent years and kept on making music. He will be missed by millions and his loved ones.”

REO Speedwagon: “Hi friends, David Crosby meant so much to me. Those first four Byrds albums helped shape who I am as a musician. I heard ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ on the radio, and immediately traded my Gibson ES 335 for a Rickenbacker electric 12-string.”

Sebastian Bach: “As much as I loved his music I loved his thoughts on Twitter as well. Rest In Peace David Crosby — thank you for the lifetime of inspiration.”

Joe Bonamassa: “A true original. I met David in 1990 on one of my first trips to LA. The thing I loved most about David was that he never suffered fools. A straight shooter from a generation that invented it. One of the greatest ever. Rest in Peace. Thank you for the music and your friendship.”

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