Roger Daltrey Eager To Performing Modern Who Tunes

Like everything else, the Who‘s recent orchestral tour dates were put on ice due to the pandemic. While still on the road, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey were only able to dip their feet into the band’s most recent album, 2019’s WHO.

When we last spoke with Roger Daltrey he seemed excited at seeing where the band could take some of his favorite tracks off the latest album: “I think my favorite song of all is ‘Beads On One String,’ believe it or not. It’s not really a rock song or anything, but there’s something about the message that I really, really like. I think it’s a masterful piece of songwriting. And we were going to do that on the next leg of the tour — and we were going to do Simon (Townshend’s) song, where I had learned the lyrics (laughs). Am I looking forward to singing any of them? I’m just looking forward to singing anything.”

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