Roger Daltrey Taps Pete Townshend’s Nephew For Solo Band

Roger Daltrey has enlisted Pete Townshend‘s nephew Ben Townshend as his drummer when he kicks off his “Who Was I” solo tour on June 20th in Bournemouth, England.

In addition to Pete Townshend ‘s bother, longtime Who sideman, and Ben’s dad — Simon Townshend, the new touring ensemble will be rounded out by legendary Who associate Billy Nichols on backing vocals, British keyboard veteran Geriant Watkins, percussionist Jody Linscott, John Hogg on bass, Doug Boyle on guitar, Steve Weston on harmonica — and Who orchestral tour veteran, violinist Katie Jacoby.

Roger Daltrey told us that his connection with Simon Townshend goes far deeper than just being bandmates: “I’ve always had a close relationship with Simon since he was a little boy. He was Pete’s brother, and he used to be ’round my house all the time. He was a real Who fan. And he’s been in my band since — well, every time I’ve had a solo band, he’s been in it. And I actually call him my brother (laughs). It’s totally unconditional, I mean, he’s great vibes. I mean, he knows the music so well.”

Simon Townshend admits that he’s been close to Daltrey ever since he was a boy: “I always loved Roger. Roger was the one I could run up to and cuddle. I couldn’t run up and cuddle Moonie, I couldn’t run up and cuddle Pete, I couldn’t run up and cuddle John (Entwistle), but I could run up and cuddle Roger. He’s a dear friend, really, Rog.”

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