Rolling Stones Update


The Rolling Stones are among the UK elite to put their money where their mouth is with a sizable donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee humanitarian appeal for the Ukraine. The Sun reported Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ron Wood gave a “generous” donation to the appeal, which “supports various charities including ActionAid, (which) was set up to help Ukrainian civilians impacted by Russia.”

In addition to the Stones, England’s royal family — including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William have also made donations.

Despite co-writing such songs as “Street Fighting Man,” “Salt Of The Earth,” “Undercover Of The Night,” “Blinded By Rainbows,” and “Sweet Neo Con,” Mick Jagger explained that he’s never really been a political animal and tries to stay as independent as he possibly can in regards to his tastes and beliefs: “I was never very keen on joining political parties. And when I was at college, I was at a very left-wing college, and I never felt the joining of it, y’know? I like football and I support Arsenal (football club). I’m not a rabid supporter, I’m not really a kind of joiner or scarf-wearer.”


Out today (March 18th) is Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos’ 30th anniversary deluxe reissue of their second album, 1992’s Main Offender. The new collection — featuring a bonus live disc, Winos Live In London ’92, is released for the first time.

The set is available on CD and vinyl in limited red, black, and smoke-colored LP’s. The new collection features “an 88-page leather-bound book featuring notes and exclusive photos.”

The X-Pensive Winos featured drummer Steve Jordan, guitarist Waddy Wachtel, bassist Charley Drayton, keyboardist Ivan Neville, singer Sarah Dash, and backing vocalists Bernard Fowler and Babi Floyd.

Keith Richards admitted that it’s hard for him to let go of new work and finally sign off on any project: “No, I think everything I’ve ever done I coulda done better. But if I tried, I know I would’ve ruined it, y’know? There’s a point where you have to hit something and say, ‘That’s as good as I can do it. That’s as good. . .’ Y’know, I mean, I could try and try again, but you drive it into the ground. Sometimes you just try to hit that spot where it’s just about right. . . Y’know, and say, ‘Hey guys — we got it” — it’s a call.”

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