Sam Smith Shares Controversial ‘Perfect’ Images

Sam Smith Drops ‘love Me More’

Sam Smith shared images from their photoshoot for Perfect, and not everyone in the comments section gets it.

The photos show the “Unholy” singer in a variety of corsets.

Although the post received tons of positive comments from celebs like Demi Lovato who is “obsessed” and Tess Holiday who wrote, “This is taking your power back,” there were also several detractors.

Many commentors called for them to “Bring back the old Sam Smith,” and questioned Smith’s mental health.

The nonbinary artist is on the cover of the “Autonomy” issues of Perfect Magazine. The outlet describes the issue as,”Autonomy: the power of self, of personal choice, of independence. It is the ability to make one’s own decisions, to live as we see fit. In this issue, we have gathered a stellar cast of incredible human beings, each of whom has carved their own path and soldiered forward to leave a profound mark on this world.”

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