Sam Smith Surprised That Even Famous Pop Stars Deal With Homophobia

Sam Smith Drops ‘love Me More’

Sam Smith says they never thought they’d have to deal with homophobia as a famous pop star.

The “Unholy” singer told Zane Lowe on his Apple Music show, “It’s still hard to be queer. There’s still backlash. I still get things said to me on the street, even now. The weirdest thing is you can be famous, you can be a pop star and still get it.”

Smith continued: “Because I thought I’d become a pop star and I’d never get a bad word said to me ever again. I’d never have homophobia. I’d never experience it if I became a star. And then it happens and it’s still there. It’s still there.”

The pop star added it’s their responsibility to “talk about it all” because there are LGBTQ+ kids out there who “need us to talk about it.”

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