Sean Lennon Sheds Light On New Beatles Track

Sean Lennon Sheds Light On New Beatles Track
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Sean Lennon took to social media to clear up some of the misconceptions regarding the recently announced third and final Beatles song Paul McCartney revealed would be released this year.

McCartney, who in describing the effort to clean up and separate John Lennon‘s vocal from his primitive cassette demo tape, had explained the process as using “AI,” causing some fans and press outlets to speculate the track might not feature authentic performances by John Lennon and George Harrison recorded prior to their deaths.

Sean Lennon, who represents his father’s creative and financial interest in the Beatles’ partnership, tweeted about the incorrect reports: “This is not happening. All we did was clean the noise from the vocal track. People are completely misunderstanding what occurred. There have always been ways of ‘de-noising’ tracks but AI just does it better because it learns what the vocal is and is able to very precisely remove everything that is not the vocal.”

When pressed as to what George Harrison’s involvement in the new track was, Sean posted: “. . . I shouldn’t speak too much on this yet but I’ll just say the track turned out beautifully and I think everyone will be very happy.”

During a recent stop on CBS’ The Talk, Sean Lennon gave a window into what his life is like being the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono: “Well, it’s interesting, because obviously, I do encounter a lot of pressure in terms of people, sort of. . . Y’know, I know when they see me, they see my father, which I can’t help. I look like him, I look like her — and, y’know, frankly, I think they’re cool-looking so I don’t (laughs) mind (laughter, applause). Honestly, I don’t play music in terms of trying to compete with my dad, because I don’t think I could play if I did that. But, I take comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one that will never be as successful as the Beatles, (laughs) y’know?”

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