Slash & Myles Kennedy Back On The Road

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators are back on the road in support of their new album, titled, 4, which drops tommorow (February 11th). Slash spoke about the band’s setlist, which unlike the early Conspirators gigs, features no dips into the Guns N’ Roses or Velvet Revolver catalogues.

In a new chat with Ultimate Classic Rock, Slash talked about keeping the set focused on Conspirators material: “I have to admit, I really missed playing the Guns material when this thing first started, so it was a great outlet for me. But having gotten back with all my buddies in Guns, after a while I was like, ‘I don’t really need to do it with Myles and Company,’ so we don’t have any Guns songs in the set. That said, I sort of miss the occasional Velvet Revolver song. So I haven’t put any Velvet songs in the set as of yet, but I might at some point put one, at least, just for the fun of doing it.”

Slash went on to talk about the vibe behind his setup with Kennedy and the Conspirators: “We don’t have any kind of illusions of grandeur. We’re not trying to be the biggest band in the world. We just like to go and play. And so that’s how this has been functioning all this time. But we’ve actually sort of built up a sizable fan base, and we’ve got our own thing going at this point that’s sort of established, but it doesn’t really change the way that we do things. So it’s a very easy, sort of simple group.”

Even when he’s supposed to be relaxing, Slash told us not long ago that he prefers to spend his downtime doing something else: “Work (laughs). Really, downtime, y’know — unfortunately for most people around me, I don’t relax well. So I have to be busy and I have to be focused on something. For me, it’s fine. It keeps me out of trouble, but for everybody else, it’s sort of like, ‘Can’t you just sort of chill, y’know?’ But it doesn’t work.”

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