Slash Promises ‘A Bunch Of New Stuff’ Coming From Guns N’ Roses

Slash made it clear that Guns N’ Roses will remain an active concern for its band members with plenty more studio tracks still to come. Slash is currently out on the road with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators in support of their new album, 4.

Coming on February 25th is Guns N’ Roses’ four-track EP, titled Hard Skool, marking the first set to feature Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, and Slash since the band’s 1993 covers album “The Spaghetti Incident?” When pressed about the news proper Guns album, Slash told Rolling Stone, “There’s a bunch of new stuff also coming, maybe a little bit more complex, but it’s just as much fun. . . I know we’ve got some songs and we’re releasing another one at some point soon, and there’ll be another one after that. As far as the record is concerned, that remains to be seen as far as a whole package, but I feel pretty confident that at some point down the road, there will be (one).”

Slash went on to talk candidly about how it feels for the three principal members of Guns N’ Roses to be working together again: “I think the biggest thing was getting past this horrible black cloud that was perpetuating, having to do with me and Axl. We had a lot of issues born out of third-party stuff. It was very insidious, and the longer we didn’t talk, the more it got blown out of proportion. But the more significant part was, when Axl and Duff and I first got into a room playing, it was just like this f***ing thing that I can’t even really verbally describe. It was like, ‘Whoa, that’s what that is.’ Then, just to go out and play together, it’s like, I wonder how the f*** we got into that mess that we were in in the ’90s.”

When we last caught up with Slash, we asked him how he knows when he’s got the right “chemistry” in whatever band he’s playing with: “I think the most important thing about chemistry is just connecting people together. You can have great musicians and not be able to get a spark very easily. It’s really about people connecting and music being the conduit, and I think that’s probably what it is about chemistry that makes it work for some people and not for others.”

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