Slash Says There Will Never Be A Guns N’ Roses Biopic

Slash is adamant that despite it being the flavor of the month — there will never be a Guns N’ Roses biopic. While promoting the horror film, The Breach, which he scored, Slash spoke to and gave his frank and honest thoughts about a possible Guns movie: “Yeah. That’s a funny one. People come to make the Guns N’ Roses movie. And then I have people coming to me about doing a movie — I think it was after I wrote my book. It’s just not something that — collectively we’re sort of just not interested.”

He went on to say, “I can’t imagine trying to find some actors that can portray the band properly. I mean, rock n’ roll movies suffer from being just super, super corny and unrealistic anyway, as a whole. There’s very few really good rock n’ roll movies. So I would hate to sell us out ourselves out with some sort of script that’s supposed to depict our history. I don’t see it happening.”

While women, drugs and alcohol used to be major components of life for Slash and the other members of Guns N’ Roses, he told us a while back that the lifestyle eventually grew stale: “It was a pretty hard, fast-paced life that we’ve all been through, and there’s certain aspects of it that just get a little bit boring, a little bit tedious. Some of the kind of circles that you surround yourself in to be able to sort of keep your high going or whatever — it just gets old after a while. And y’know, the underlying thing that’s always been sort of maintained was just, as long as you can play, and it just, everything sort of fell by the wayside.”

Guns N’ Roses kicks off their 16-date South American tour on September 1st, in Manaus, Brazil at Arena da Amazonia.

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