Stevie Nicks Compares Vladimir Putin To Adolf Hitler

Stevie Nicks had some tough words for Russian president Vladimir Putin comparing him to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler for his invasion of Ukraine.

On Saturday (February 26th), Nicks took to Instagram and addressed the loss of life and displacement of the Ukranian people following Russia’s unwarranted invasion:

At 4 am this morning me and a friend sent a message to a lady in Ukraine who sent us a beautiful hand painted box — to thank her again and check up on her after watching the news all night — she immediately wrote back that she was home and still fine…

At 4:45 am she wrote us back that she was now ‘just trying to escape’; that changed everything. Now I know someone, an innocent person, who is having her freedom taken from her. I  have been crying ever since. My mom said to me after 9-11 – don’t forget what your father and I were fighting for; don’t forget it. . . (I am glad she isn’t here to see this).

This is Hitler coming back to haunt us. In one evening — until now, an entire sovereign country has been full on invaded. How dare he. My heart is broken for our new friend – and for people of Ukraine — I am so, so sorry.

Love and prayers for them.
Stevie Nicks

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