‘Survivor’ Superfan Sia Has Gifted Nearly $1 Million To Contestants

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Sia started gifting her own money to Survivor contestants who didn’t win the show’s $1 million prize back in 2016 after season 33. She has continued to do so ever since, and now her generosity is about to hit a major milestone. Survivor host Jeff Probst, who is friends with Sia, confirmed in a new interview that she has given away nearly $1 million. “Next season, if she continues with her Sia prize, she will break a million dollars in personal money that she has given to players over the years,” Probst explained. “Her thought is this: I make a lot of money. I’ve been really lucky, and I want to share it with the people who entertain me and bring me joy. And one of those shows is Survivor.”

Earlier this year, Sia gave $100,000 to season runner-up Carolyn Wiger, as well as $15,000 each for third and fourth place. “It is a tax-free gift, so that’s good,” Sia explained to the fourth place contestant in a video posted on social media. “That means, I pay the taxes on it; you don’t. That’s the most I could give you tax-free.”

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