Talking Heads’ ‘Stop Making Sense’ Set For Deluxe Reissue

Talking Heads’ ‘stop Making Sense’ Set For Deluxe Reissue
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Set for release on August 18th is the Talking Heads‘ soundtrack to their classic 1984 concert film, Stop Making Sense. The critically acclaimed Jonathan Demme concert film will hit theaters globally later this year in a newly restored 4K version.

The new deluxe version of the soundtrack now includes the complete Stop Making Sense concert for the first time as a limited edition two-LP set, and digitally along with a Dolby Atmos mix of the complete concert, mixed by Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison and E.T. Thorngren, who also mixed the original release.

Highlights on the set features such Talking Heads favorites as “Psycho Killer,” “Burning Down The House,” “Take Me To The River,” “Life During Wartime,” and “Once In A Lifetime,” among others.

Bandleader David Byrne told us a while ago that reliving the group’s career required a bit of attitude adjustment for him: “I kinda had to set aside time for it — psychological time, not just hours — ’cause I knew that, ‘OK, you’re (laughs) gonna be delving into the past. Just allow yourself that kind of mental space.’ And know that, kind of, ‘OK, you’ll get through it, and you can return to the present.'”

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