Tatum O’Neal Says She Wanted To ‘Fall Off’ Her Apartment Building ‘And Die’ Before Overdosing In 2020

Tatum O’neal Reveals She ‘overdosed And Almost Died’ Due To A Stroke
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Tatum O’Neal opened up to The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published Monday (July 17th) about the near-fatal stroke she had in 2020, following an overdose of prescription medication.

The Paper Moon star told the outlet she was living high up in a Century City apartment and was suffering from suicidal ideation. “I kept on wanting to fall off the building and die,” she said. Then O’Neal caught COVID-19. “I had never been so sick. I didn’t know I had COVID,” she recalled.

To cope with all of this, the Little Darlings actress took painkillers, opiates, and morphine. “I’ve had problems with drugs for many, many years,” she shared. “But I overtook my medicine, for sure. And that’s it. I fell asleep. That’s what happened.”

The Bad News Bears star also commented on her relationship with her father, Ryan O’Neal. The pair starred in Paper Moon together. “He loved me, but then hated me, because I won the Academy Award,” she said. “Weird shit happened. It kind of went in the wrong direction to happiness.”

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