The Beatles’ ‘Get Back’ DVD / Blu-ray Delayed

The DVD and Blu-ray release of director Peter Jackson‘s The Beatles: Get Back has been delayed. The Fest For Beatles Fans sent out a mailer telling fans that the February 8th release has been pushed back. The Fest, which is the largest online distributor of Beatles products, posted: “Disney has delayed the release of these much anticipated releases. As soon as we get the official word, we will let you know when they will be coming out. We are making an assumption, that they will be manufacturing a lot more copies of both formats, now that they see the high demand for them.”

According to some reports, the release could be delayed until September. At the recent theatrical screenings of the “Fab Four’s” complete rooftop performance, Peter Jackson urged fans to lobby Disney to release his “director’s cut,” which had had previously revealed was an astounding 18 hours long.

During a chat with BBC radio, Paul McCartney spoke about Peter Jackson’s Get Back movie, and admitted that he was worried the raw footage would find the “Fab Four” at their end of their tenure, angry, and exhausted with one another: “He got back to me and said, ‘No — it’s a laugh. It’s just four guys working — and y’know, you can see you making up songs, and George (Harrison) wonderin’ about the lyric to ‘Something in the way she moves’ — or me trying to figure out ‘Get Back.’ And he’s shown me little bits and pieces of it and it’s great — I love it, I must say, ’cause it’s how it was. It just reminds me — even though we had arguments, like any family — that we loved each other, y’know, and it shows in the film. It’s a very warm feeling — and it’s amazing just being backstage with these people making this music that turned out to be good.”

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