The Eras Tour Is Giving Swifties Amnesia

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Taylor Swift fans are so excited to attend the Eras Tour that it’s leaving them with a form of amnesia.

One Swiftie told Time that she couldnt’ remember Swift’s “surprise” song and another said she felt like she had “an out-of-body experience.”

Neuroscientist Dr. Dean Burnett told the Daily Mail that this kind of post-concert amnesia is real and explained, “If you’re at a concert of someone you love, surrounded by thousands of very excited other people, listening to music you’ve got established emotional links to, that’s going to be a lot of emotion happening to you at one time. As well as being exhausting for the brain, it’s going to mean all the things you experience will have a high emotional quality, which means nothing ‘stands out,’ and that’s important if you want to retrieve a memory later.”

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