Zach Braff Didn’t Know Gabrielle Union’s Husband Was NBA Star Dwyane Wade

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday (March 8th) Zach Braff admitted he had no idea that his on-screen wife Gabrielle Union was married to NBA superstar Dwyane Wade. Braff and Union play husband and wife in the upcoming Disney+ remake of Cheaper By the Dozen.

“I knew what a knockout of a woman she was and that she was a good actress, and I just couldn’t believe they thought that she would legitimately pick me as her husband,” the Scrubs actor said.

As far as her husband in real life goes, Braff said, “First of all, I knew nothing about sports … So, when she kept talking about her husband, Dwyane, I was like, ‘Oh, I hope to one day meet this Dwyane.’ I had no idea who it was.”

“They’re just the coolest couple. I was worried about pretending to be her husband. So, all I could do was get in the best shape I could, and have some abs. I had an ab or two,” he joked.

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