Wet Nose Wednesday!


Galena 40029221

Galena is a gorgeous 2-year-old Tortoiseshell. She tends to be a little shy in new places and around new people. If you just give her a minute to get used to you, you’ll see that she is a sweet, wonderful girl full of personality. She’s super around other cats. In fact, give her a polite, playful cat and she’s all in and ready for a running match! Besides playing with her feline friends, she also enjoys cuddling and being loved. She would be a terrific addition to any type of forever home.

Joshua 39357243

Have you ever wanted a dog that likes to snuggle and cuddle? If so, then you need to meet Joshua. This handsome 7-year-old Terrier mix just can’t get enough of it! Snuggling, napping, and just being close to people are his favorite things ever. He also enjoys going for walks or car rides. Joshua just may be the sweetest, most huggable dog around. While he totally adores people, Joshua isn’t particularly fond of cats or other dogs. He’ll definitely need a home where he can be your one and only furry friend. But don’t worry – he’s got plenty of love to make up for it!

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