Wet Nose Wednesday

Dovey 27779
This little cutie is Dovey, a 3.5-month-old Tuxedo cat. Dovey is everything you could want in a kitten. She’s affectionate, adorable, playful, and sometimes just a bit spicy! Dovey enjoys being petted and getting lots of love but is also ready to pounce and play at a moment’s notice. When playtime is over, she’ll be happy to curl up for a nap and some snuggles. Dovey would probably really like having another cat or kitten to romp and wrestle with in her new home.
Dovey Dovey2
Elmer 27314
Elmer is a sweet senior. We think he is just over seven years old, but he may be a little older. Elmer is very lovable and loving. He is mild-mannered and gentle. He seems to get along with just about everyone from people to dogs and cats and even chickens! Elmer can’t wait to be adopted and live out his retirement years in comfort. Some of his favorite things are squishy beds, short walks, and food! We bet there is someone out there with all those things on his or her list of favorites who will be Elmer’s perfect match. Elmer is currently in foster, so just give the shelter a call to set up a time to meet him.
Elmer Elmer2
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