Wet Nose Wednesday

Heath 28444
This little cutie is Heath. He’s a 5.5-month-old Siamese mix kitten with a sweet and affectionate personality. Heath will let you just scoop him up and give him all the snuggles you want. We think he is definitely in the running for the Best Purr of the Year award, too! Of course, as a kitten, he’s also got lots of energy and enjoys his playtime, both with people and other kittens. Between his cuteness, cuddliness, and sprightliness, he’s got to be one purrfect kitty!
Heath2 Heath
Patches 26953
This week’s featured dog is Patches, a 4-year-old Coonhound mix. He’s friendly and has a good sense of humor, as you can see from the photo of him wearing the tiny sombrero! Patches is sometimes shy when he first meets new people, but he is quite a loyal, loving guy once you befriend him. He enjoys playing with some of the other dogs in playgroups, but we think his heart truly lies with people. He seems happiest when he gets to go for walks or snuggles with his volunteer and staff friends. If you would like to adopt a pet who absolutely adores you, make your appointment to come meet Patches!
Patches2 Patches
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