Wet Nose Wednesday

Woodrow 27681
Woodrow is a 4-year-old blue heeler mix. He is a very handsome and intelligent guy. Woodrow has lots of herding breed characteristics, including being loyal and protective. It takes Woodrow a little while to warm up to strangers, but he becomes whole-heartedly attached once he learns to trust you.  Woodrow enjoys learning new tricks and commands, going for walks, and being close to his favorite people. Woodrow sees himself as a ladies’ man in playgroups and prefers to pal around with the girls. Woodrow will need an owner who will give him lots of daily mental stimulation and will continue obedience training with him. If you think Woodrow is the right fit for you, make your appointment to visit him today.
Woodrow2 Woodrow
Minnow 29510
Minnow is an absolutely gorgeous 11-year-old kitty with big green eyes and a sweet purr. He greets new people cautiously with a sniff and then comes up for attention. He enjoys being petted and will purr with contentment. He will sometimes let you pick him up and hold him, but it has to be on his terms. Minnow has lived with other cats in the past, so he may do well in a home with other cats. Besides being adored and petted, Minnow enjoys bird watching from the window and snacking on his favorite treats. If you have a soft spot in your heart for senior cats, you should definitely come meet Minnow.
Minnow3 Minnow2 Minnow
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