Wet Nose Wednesday!

Chattanooga, TN:

Wet Nose Wednesday – June 1st, 2022

Milo Milo2

Milo 28936
Meet Milo! He’s a handsome seven-year-old hound/shepherd mix. Milo has a huge smile that is sure to win your heart! Milo is always happy to get out with his favorite volunteers to go for walks or spend time playing in the yard with them. He’s a good car rider and would make a great copilot for some lucky person. He’ll need an adopter who likes doggy kisses, because he is quite affectionate once he loves you.
Siracha Siracha2
Siracha 30166
Siracha got her name because she is a spicy kitty! She came to the shelter as an unsocialized kitten who hissed at everyone. She’s still a kitten at four months old, but she’s starting to learn that people are her friends. She is still reserved around new people, but she does enjoy being petted once she knows you. Siracha needs an adopter who can be patient with her while she continues learning about life.
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