Wet Nose Wednesday


Leilani 40507722

This girl with the sweet, pinchable cheeks is Leilani. She’s a 5-year-old Bulldog mix who is outgoing and loving. Leilani is such a happy girl that you’ll almost never see her without her tongue sticking out. It’s just too cute! While Leilani does love her people, she’s not great with other animals. We recommend that she go to a home without small children or other pets. Leilani will do tricks for treats (or at least she is learning to). If you’re an active person who could use a big-cheeked Bulldog to keep you company, come meet Leilani today!

Sassy 40611314

Sassy is a sweet little old lady who was brought to the shelter with her mother, Olivia. (Olivia is also available for adoption, so we can hook you up with a 2-for-1 adoption if you’re interested in adopting them together!) Sassy is just a little shy at first. She’s the kind of cat who just wants to sit back, observe, and then decide to approach you. She’s great around other cats. Once Sassy decides you are good enough to be her pal, she loves to let you pet her. You’ll even find she likes to have some play time. Sassy has a beautiful black coat and adorable green eyes. Come say hello to Sassy (and her mom Olivia) today!


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