Wet Nose Wednesday


Amber 41212946

Just look at that beautiful face and happy smile. How can you resist being happy when you see Amber? Amber is a 2-year-old Shepherd mix with a wonderful personality. She can be a bit shy sometimes, but she’s totally worth getting to know. She has the cutest ears that go in all different directions. You never know which way they will point. Amber has several doggy friends in play group, so she may enjoy some other pups in the house for company. Come say hello to her today!


Gwendolyn 33322717

Gwendolyn is a gorgeous 3-year-old torbie with just a wee bit of cattitude. Actually, she has quite a bit of cattitude. She loves, even adores, people, but this girl wants to be your one-and-only four-legged companion. She’ll make up for any love you might feel you’re missing out on from having other pets, though. She’ll snuggle, cuddle, play, purr, and do anything to entertain you. She’s a very pretty girl, too. Come meet her today and let her steal your heart!

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