Wet Nose Wednesday


Baloo 33605
Meet Baloo, a 2-year-old German Shepherd mix. Baloo is a big dog with a big personality. He’s an outgoing guy who wants to meet everyone and thinks that life is meant for having fun. Baloo loves going out to playgroups and wants to be friends with every dog he meets. He has a blast running and playing chase with all his doggy pals. He has a wonderful grin and big, pointy ears that will make you want to smile yourself. Baloo is very energetic and would do well in a home where he can get daily exercise and activity.

Talia 33993
Talia is a sweet and petite girl. She is just about a year old and is a little grey ball of fluff. She is friendly but can be aloof at first. It’s kind of like she thinks of herself as royalty; she will deign to let you pet and give her affection but she may not come out and ask for it. She can be playful at times but seems to mostly enjoy watching people, wildlife, and whatever she can see from her kitty throne. Talia seems to get along with other cats who are freindly and respectful and may enjoy having some feline friends at home.


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