Wet Nose Wednesday


Wet Nose Wednesday

Oatmeal 41347893

Oatmeal is a little 8-month-old tabby with lots of personality. Even though she is small, she thinks she’s a big cat. When she first meets you, she’ll give a “ferocious” hiss to let you know she’s the boss. Just let her sniff your hand and then she will grant you permission to pet her by nuzzling your hand with her head. Once you start petting her, the purring begins! Oatmeal is a shy girl, so she’ll need a little TLC and patience, but she’s going to be a great kitty companion!

Waldo 40681736

We would like to introduce you to a sweet old guy. His name is Waldo, and he’s the ripe old age of 14! Waldo could really use a forever home. I mean, who wants to spend their senior years at a shelter instead of a loving home with a warm, cozy bed. Waldo can be timid with new people, but he’s friendly and sweet. He has some other small dogs here that he hangs out with in the play yard, so he may like having doggy pals in his new home. If you have a soft spot in your heart for little old dogs, come meet Waldo today!

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