Wet Nose Wednesday

Polar Bear

Wet Nose Wednesday!!

Gigantor isn’t really gigantic. He’s a pretty normal size cat. Very curious, must explore the whole room. Gigantor is outgoing and people friendly. He seems fine around other felines, you may want to introduce him slowly just to be sure. Very pleasantly outgoing yet settles down and chills out quite nicely.

Looking for a guy who has it all? Loves to take gentle walks, gazes at you in adoration with gorgeous brown eyes that can melt the hardest heart, plays a fierce game of tug-of war, and has a grin and wagging tail that keep on giving? You don’t want a dog! You want POLAR BEAR!

We always recommend crate training, exercise, playtime, and a regular schedule for potty breaks when bringing a new dog into your home. The shelter environment is much different than your home, so expect the unexpected. We do our best to help find the right pet for you, but your new dog may act differently on your turf than he/she did on ours. Adjustment takes time for both you and your new family member, so remember to be patient and enjoy this new and exciting time!

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