Wet Nose Wednesday


Wet Nose Wednesday with the Humane Educational Society

Bonnie 41397569

Bonnie is a gem in the making. If you are a patient, loving person, then Bonnie is the kitty for you. She is shy and just needs someone to show her love. Bonnie is a 2-year-old, sweet, fluffy Torbie. She is so gentle that she won’t mind if you pick her up and cuddle her like a baby. She’ll burrow right into your arms. Bonnie would be a terrific kitty companion and may even enjoy having other feline friends at home. Come meet Bonnie today. She’s sure to melt your heart!


Morty 41115083

Morty is quite the handsome man! He’s a 5-year-old Retriever mix with beautiful eyes. Morty loves being with people. He enjoys nice walks and playing fetch. He’s also a good cuddler. Morty likes to romp and play with the other dogs in play group, but he does not make a good first impression. He gets so excited to see other dogs that he seems wild. Morty is a great guy who will need an owner who can be a strong, patient leader, but he’s totally worth it. Just look at that smile! Come fall in love with Morty today!


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