Wet Nose Wednesday


Gouda 41331410

Gouda is a beautiful long-haired buff tabby. She’s about 8 years old, which makes her a senior in the kitty world. Gouda is a sweet, shy girl. She enjoys being petted and will nudge you when she wants more attention. Since she’s a timid gal, she likes to take things slow and be petted on her own terms. She’s not much for being picked up and held, but she will snuggle with you when she is ready. If you want to give a forever home to a beautiful kitty who needs patience and love, please adopt Gouda today.

Snoopy 41668375

Snoopy is an 8-month-old Beagle mix puppy, and he’s looking for a forever home. Snoopy can be very shy in his kennel, so you may need to spend a little time with him before you see his true personality. Once he gets out and gets comfortable, he is playful, fun-loving, and very puppyish. He likes to run, play, and just have a blast. He’s also very happy to romp with the other pups in his doggy play group, so we’re sure he would like to have some playmates in his new home. Come adopt this cutie today!

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