Wet Nose Wednesday!


Nala 41381319

Nala is a big, fluffy, 3-year-old Siamese mix. Nala is a sweet girl, but she does sometimes get a little bit of that fluffy, beautiful diva cattitude. Nala doesn’t mind having adoring kitty friends around her, but she wants them to give her some space and room to breathe. She may be okay with other cats, but she is not the kind of girl who wants to cuddle with them. Nala is still young enough that she enjoys playing, but she’s also mature enough not to cause a lot of mischief. She’s just the right mix of sassy and sweet, so come meet her today!

Persephone 41579317

Persephone is a beautiful 5-year-old Husky/Shepherd mix. This lovable girl is super sweet. She’s also very smart and already knows several commands. She even walks on a leash like a pro! Persephone is a lovebug and enjoys being around people, getting lots of love, and being petted. While she loves her people, Persephone is not always a fan of other dogs and can be selective. You’ll need to do a meet-and-greet if you have other dogs. Come say hello to this sweetie today. You’ll just love her!

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