Wet Nose Wednesday

Cuddles 35237709

Cuddles is a clever 4-year-old Terrier mix who is looking for his forever home. Cuddles is smart and very food driven, which means training would be a breeze for him! The shelter life is becoming more and more difficult for him as he has been through a lot. Cuddles loves being out for walks and running in the play yard. He does play with some other canine pals one-on-one, but crowds of other dogs seem to stress him out a bit. As an HES athlete, you can imagine living in a kennel can be exhausting and not in a good way! Please consider bringing Cuddles and his loving personality home with you!

Walden 41726658

Walden loves to play. You might think that since she’s 6 years old she would be more into napping and less into playing, but you would be wrong. Walden is also very friendly with people and is always looking for new friends. As for feline friends, Walden doesn’t mind being around friendly cats who give her plenty of space to do her own thing. Cats that are a bit too friendly tend to annoy her, though. Come adopt Walden today and make her the newest member of your family!

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