Wet Nose Wednesday!

Bentley 39037296

This super adorable 10-week-old kitten is Bentley. Bentley looks pretty content in his photo, napping and lounging around with the other kittens, but Bentley would be even happier and more relaxed in a nice, loving home of his own. Bentley is the perfect age for adoption – he is cute, playful, spunky, and full of just a tiny bit of mischief. But isn’t that what makes kittens so irresistible? Bentley and his kitten siblings (plus many, many other kittens and adult cats) are waiting for their forever homes, so come adopt today!

Jack 38747553

Just check out that cute, smiling doggy face! This handsome guy is Jack, a 7-year-old Shepherd mix who can’t wait to go home with you. Jack is a mild-mannered fellow. He gets along with other dogs, loves people, and enjoys going for walks. All Jack really wants is a forever home and someone to love him. He is gentle and snuggly. Jack is like Superman and can scale a fence in a single bound if left alone outside, so he really needs someone who wants a loyal, constant companion. But never fear! If you’re with him, he has no desire to roam. Come adopt Jack today and you’ll never be lonely!

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