Wet Nose Wednesday

Buddy Love 38685874

Buddy Love is our free roaming room cuddler! This 4-year-old tabby loves other friendly cats and you can always find him curled up with his roomies. He likes male and female kitty companions! He has no problem making friends with any sweet cat. Buddy Love is a bit shy in new situations. Just give him time to get to know you. He loves being petted and doted on once he’s comfy with you. He’s going to make a great cuddly kitty companion, so come adopt him today!

Grammy 37742161

Although her name is Grammy, she’s not an old girl. In fact, she’s only 3 years old! But, like a grandma, she is patient and kind. She only really wants one thing in return – your affection. She enjoys snuggling and will nuzzle her head into you for more and more loving. She’s a mellow girl who gets along with other dogs and loves people. So if you’re looking for love this summer, come meet Grammy. She’s guaranteed to win your heart.

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