Wet Nose Wednesday

Fancy 39308582

Fancy is a 4-year-old dilute Tortoiseshell. She’s got vivid green eyes and the cutest little pink nose. Fancy is mild-mannered, yet outgoing and friendly, with people. She seems to enjoy being held while you pet her. She is especially fond of having her chin rubbed. Fancy is not thrilled being around other cats, so she may be best suited as your only feline friend at home.

B 31952312

If you’re looking for a canine companion who loves splashing around in the water, B is your girl. This 2-year-old Lab/Terrier mix just can’t resist the puppy pool out in the play yard. B is happy and energetic. She runs zoomies around the play yard and then jumps right in the pool to cool off. B has several high-energy pup pals she likes to romp and run with, but she can be a little particular about which dogs she want to be with. Just come watch B play and it will put a smile on your face!

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