Wet Nose Wednesday

Bugsy 38690846

Looking for an outgoing, sweet, and friendly kitty to add to your family? Then this 4-year-old Tuxedo cat is purrfect for you. Bugsy just loves people. He is the first one to greet you when you enter the free-roaming cat room. He likes being petted and shown lots of attention. As a matter of fact, Bugsy is a volunteer favorite because he’s so loving! Bugsy also enjoys the company of other cats, so he will probably do great in a home where he has some feline friends to snuggle up to.

Cruz 39353637

This 8-year-old German Shepherd is Cruz, and she is looking for love. Cruz can seem a little shy at first, but she’s really not. She enjoys being petted but she’s not needy. She’s happy to take in the sights and smells on her own when you aren’t petting her. Cruz likes being around other dogs. Sometimes she can annoy the other dogs, though, because she likes to “herd” them around. But you can’t blame her – it’s what her breed does! If you are a fan of German Shepherds and have space for a sweet senior in your life, come meet Cruz today!

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