Wet Nose Wednesday

Emery 38778109

Hello. My name is Emery. I’m a cute orange ticked tabby and am just over a year old. When I came to the shelter, I had a litter of kittens to take care of. I was a good mama cat and now all of my kittens have their forever homes. Now I’m ready for one of my own. When you first come to meet me, I might seem a little aloof. Just give me a little time and loving and I’ll come around. Once you start petting me, I just won’t want you to stop! Come meet me for yourself at the Humane Educational Society.


Moose 39441647

If you’ve ever wanted a big, strong, sweet hunk of a dog, I’m your man. I’m Moose, a 6-year-old Mastiff mix, and I’m ready for my forever home. If you see me in my kennel, you’ll think I’m intimidating. If I’m barking, though, it’s because I’m excited and can’t wait to get out of the kennel to go for a walk and some snuggle time. I’m very strong and energetic, so I need to learn some manners. Once I get to go for my walk, I’m a sweet, huggy boy who just wants some love. I’m going to make some lucky person a great companion!

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