Wet Nose Wednesday!


Carlos 24586897

If you’re into mellow, lazy dogs to enjoy your days with, Carlos might be the one for you. He’s an 11-year-old Hound dog with a sweet smile and a gentle soul. Sometimes Carlos likes to sing sad ballads with his baritone hound dog howl. He’s very popular with the volunteers and dogs alike at the shelter. Come meet this handsome Hound dog today!

Pete 39058506

Pete, an adorable 1-year-old kitty, started out very shy when he first arrived at HES and would hide in his cubby hole. NO MORE of that!! Now that he’s relaxed and sees all the people coming in his room and all the cats having fun, Pete has turned into a social butterfly! Pete is now happy to come out of hiding and greet everyone that comes in. He does very well around his roomies too!

Categories: James Howard and Kim Carson