Wet Nose Wednesday!!

Chenzi 40351224

Chenzi is a 7.5-year-old Terrier on a mission. She has the determination and excitement of a lab, the energy and smile of a terrier and the heart of (you guessed it) a lion! Chenzi enjoys long walks with her fave people and despite her age, she only has two moods. Let’s nap until the world ends, and let’s play until the cows come home!! She is as loyal as can be and is searching for someone to look up to. She is always smiling, and always looking for ways to brighten your day!


Chloe 42152668

Chloe just may be one of the prettiest cats ever. She has bright green eyes that draw you in and make you want to pet her. Chloe is a sweet girl, but it may take her a few minutes to warm up to you. You’ll just need to take it slow and let her trust you. Once you win her over, you’ll find her true personality come through. Chloe is around 5 years old, which is perfect if you want a mature cat who isn’t a senior. Come see how pretty Chloe is for yourself!

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