Wet Nose Wednesday

Den 45361975
Just look at that happy face and adorable smile! This cutie is Den, and he came to us from New Orleans just before the hurricanes hit there in August. Den is happy here in Chattanooga, but he would be even happier with a forever home to call his own. He’s just about a year old, very friendly, and ready to learn and be trained. He’s always ready for walks with the volunteers and enjoys being taught new commands and tricks. He is wiggly, fun, and is always smiling. Den isn’t a fan of other dogs, so he would want to be your one-and-only pet. He has plenty of love to give, though, so make your appointment to meet him today.
Finn 44471231
If you like big, fluffy cats (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t), then you will absolutely love Finn. Finn is a big, handsome, fluffy 4-year-old. He’s not just pretty to look at, though. This guy has a sweet, gentle personality. He’s just kind of a mellow guy who likes to lounge around, do some napping and snuggling, and watch the birds from the windowsill. Finn gets along fine with other cats and wouldn’t mind sharing his forever home with a few feline friends. Since he has such long, gorgeous fur, he will probably need to be brushed at times. Other than that, he’s a fairly low-maintenance guy.
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