Wet Nose Wednesday: Meet Milo and Rudy

Milo Cat2 Milo Cat
Milo 30700
Milo is a sweet 2-year-old orange tabby. He has gorgeous gold eyes and his whiskers are cool because some are black and some are white. He gets right up to greet you when you come to see him and immediately wants to be petted. He has a rich, deep purr that lets you know when he is content. Milo is your typical curious kitty and enjoys chances to explore, but he can also be lazy and spend hours napping or watching the birds through the window. He likes attention and sometimes even likes to be held and cuddled. He’s such a sweet, outgoing guy that he may enjoy a home with children who can play with him and give him lots of love.
Regular Sized Rudy 2 Regular Sized Rudy
Regular Sized Rudy 27425
Regular Sized Rudy is 4.5 years old and is ready for a forever home. He loves long walks and can play from sun-up to sun-down, or he can nap for 8 hours straight if you want to have a lazy day. He’s a big snuggler. If given the chance, he will sleep right on top of you. He is well-behaved, not much of a barker, housetrained, and even knows some commands and tricks. He can be a little nervous around strangers, so he will need slow introductions to new people and for you to help him feel safe and secure. He loves toys and treats but does best with tough toys and chews since he’s a strong chewer and can chew for hours. If you can give him love, attention, and a bit of patience, he could be the perfect dog for you!
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