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You can donate a new bicycle at the Collegedale City Hall through this Wednesday Dec. 22nd, and that bike will be taken to Mayfield, Kentucky and given to kids whose bikes were destroyed in the recent tornado. That’s through this Wed., a new bike to Collegedale City Hall.

Enjoy “Winter Wonderland Wednesday” at the Hunter Museum, this Wed. Dec. 22nd from 1pm til 3pm. You’ll love the art work and the beautiful views, while crafting an ornament that can be inspired BY the art collection at the Hunter. It’s $20 per person, this Wed. at The Hunter

The Creative Discovery Museum will help kids ring in the New Year, a day early, on Thursday DEC. 30th, from 6pm until 8pm. It’s designed for kids and families, with lots of fun things to do. $5 each, find out more at

In Tennessee, after those devastating tornadoes, the Red Cross wants you to know: they have 123 volunteers helping those who have been affected; they have served 4,588 meals to those in the tornado area; and they have distributed 5,277 bags of needed relief items to those most affected. Make a donation today online at

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