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There is only one day a year that the public is allowed to swim IN Lula Lake, and that day will be January29th. They call it “The Polar Plunge”.. you can swim in Lula Lake, as well as use their trails all day, and take part in their Fun Run. Again that date is January 29th… To find out more, and to register, visit and click “events”

Chattanooga is collecting your live Christmas tree, through January 31st.. Just set your tree at the curb and call 3-1-1 to come pick it up. Or take your tree to any of the 5 Recycling Centers in the City, during regular hours.. (the Centers will be closed this Sat., New Year’s Day).. Be sure to take all of your decorations off of your tree before recycling it! This recycling program is for live Christmas trees only.

Why do we kiss on New Year’s Eve at midnight? The tradition goes back to Germany in the 1800s; at late-night bonfires on New Year’s Eve, residents would kiss at midnight to bring good luck for the coming year. When Germans immigrated to America, they brought that tradition with them. And after electricity was invented, there was no need to gather around a bonfire, Americans could stay inside to celebrate, and kiss at midnight, for good luck.

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